Simply Flowers

sunflowerdetailA work in progress sits on the main easel in my studio beckoning me to invest more time and energy to make the floral still life look more convincing.  It’s amazing how many hours can be poured into a work of art!  Yet, I feel compelled to put aside other worthy projects to bring the painting up to a satisfying level visually.  One can become lost in the details!  How far does one push a painting?  When do we know when it is finished?

A painting is finished when it has communicated what the artist wants to say.

With this painting I am seeking to create something that is visually appealing and delicious in color harmonies. In composition, I’m designing a work that draws the viewer in causing the eye travel from flower to flower to enjoy a radiant variety of hues and textures.  In short I am trying to create something very enjoyable and delightful to the eyes.  I want it to be easy to live with, but dramatic enough to define a corner of a room.

With all that said, it’s simply flowers.  But much more goes into a simple painting than meets the eye.





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