When A Man Loves A Woman

When a Man Loves a WomansmEight o’clock on a summer’s evening and the stage is set for a night of romance.  I loved painting this scene.  Set in an old Victorian home we used to own down by the Eel River, the elements in the painting have memories attached.  The doily was hand-made by a talented artist friend named Judy Nunes.  The antique clock was a trade for some stained glass my husband and I made.  The man’s tie and cuff links next to the woman’s pearls, gloves and perfume bring back happy thoughts of my husband gentleman that he is, taking me out to dinner at wonderful Southern California restaurants.

The painting, now in the collection of David and Lisa Johnson, is also featured in Earl Grenville Kileen’s The North Light Book of Acrylic Painting where step-by-step photographs and instruction are included.



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