Beauty in Diversity

Detail close up of the pasta machine in a still life painting.
Detail close up of the pasta machine in a still life painting.

Heavy metal, a tender-fleshed tomato, soft folded cloth and a shiny wooden handle – all vastly different textures that put together help to make an image more convincing.  As very diverse visual objects work together to achieve a look of realism, so there is great value in very different types of people working together to achieve a common goal.  I think especially of the diversity spoken about in Scripture when the “body of Christ” is described.  The differences in our make up, personalities, talents, life experiences and spiritual gifts are meant to make a stronger whole than if we were all the same.  As a painting with many types of objects is more believable, so we who call ourselves Christians make a stronger statement to the world if we can embrace the beauty in our differences.  “In essentials, unity…in non-essentials liberty…in all things love.”   

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