The Versatile Blogger Award

With thanks to Joel Tipple
With thanks to Joel Tipple

Many thanks to Joel Tipple for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Unlike the Academy Award or Grammy, when you are nominated for the VBA, that’s it. You are not put into a pool of also-rans to await your fate. You simply take a virtual bow and follow a few simple rules. For more information about the award, see here

One of the rules is you have to say seven things about yourself.
1. A believer in Jesus Christ
2. Painter (realism)
3. Love creative expresison – visual, writing, drama, music
4. Biblical Counselor
5. Happy 34-year May-December marriage
6. Antique collector
7. Terrible singer and seamstress.
Another rule is you get to spread the love by nominating 15 other bloggers. Here goes…

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