Classical Realism

A detail from "Still Life with Pasta," an example of Classical Realism
A detail from “Still Life with Pasta,” an example of Classical Realism

“Guild Members of the Society…are rooted to the conviction that fine art is, first and foremost, about life: and most specifically about the dignity, beauty, comedy, tragedy, romance, fantasy, pride, and nobility of the human spirit; and all those precious and powerful emotions that form and define the human experience. ” – The American Society for Classical Realism

I became familiar with the phenomenal and accomplished artists in this organization in the early 90’s.  My favorite living artist, and a leader in the American Society for Classical Realism, Stephen Gjertson, was particularly encouraging and wise with his words for artists aspiring to paint with the depth, dedication and skill that this group demonstrates.  I appreciate that Gjertson’s world view and belief in Christ is echoed in the subject matter of his art.  What also resonates with me is the no-nonsense approach to growth as an artist.  From their website a belief in “…creativity grounded in discipline and years of intensive training…”  There are really no short cuts to experience and discipline to grow in skill.  It’s true for art and it’s true for so many areas of learning in life.  It takes time and effort and a willingness to tough it out.  But the rewards are well worth it, not only for what we learn personally, but for what we can impart to others.

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