Details and Love

A painted Easter lily, detail from Resurrection Lilies
A painted Easter lily, detail from Resurrection Lilies

I love to paint.  I love to discover over and over again the exquisite detail in a multiplicity of forms.  Observing the delicacy of a flower, the delight of a child’s smile and the twinkle in an older person’s eye reminds me of how much The Great Creator obviously loves detail!   God created a beautiful world filled with color and light.  He lavishes the world with millions of particles, forms, lines and colors to create unspeakable beauty in nature.  And then to top it off, He created human beings with the utmost care, dignity and incomprehensible love – taking obvious joy in the very shades of skin.  As the Sunday School song declares red and yellow black and white, they are precious in His sight. God obviously loves diversity!

God the Father 16
God the Father 16 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

Every time I start an art class we begin by doing exercises to increase our ability to observe the world around us and increase our awareness of natural beauty.  It all makes a connection in my mind.  If God cares so much about the detail in a flower that is in bloom for only a few days, how much more does He care about the details in my life?  And so studying art makes me feel greatly loved!

Having a day when you are feeling insignificant and lost in the shuffle?  Check out those flowers, observe the world around you quietly.  Notice the intricate design in nature.  See how many forms have both random patterns yet characteristic qualities that bind it together.  Amazing, right?  All of nature points to a Great Creator, and if so much intelligence and design went into something very tiny, consider what that means for you.  May you be encouraged today!

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