Happy Creating!


Working on the end stages of a wedding portrait.
Working on the end stages of a wedding portrait.

There is a sense of exhilaration as a painting, in this case a wedding portrait, nears it’s completion.  The many hours spent before the easel has something tangible to show for the effort.  There are jars full of various brushes and daily pallets which if seen all together would have hundreds, if not thousands, hand mixed dabs of paint.  The mixed paint on the enamel plate that I use for a palette in itself is an interesting composition.   One can view the limited colors which appear on every palette and the characteristic squiggle marks as I manipulate the tiny brushes loaded with paint to a certain viscosity for the needed brush stroke.

English: Paint brushes Deutsch: Pinsel
English: Paint brushes Deutsch: Pinsel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some jobs require a high degree of multi-tasking, rapid pace, stress and pressure built into the mix.  The “job” of painting portraits has its own pressures and brain gymnastics to be sure.  But there is also sheer pleasure and delight in the mixing, the observation, taking in moments of beauty, applying of paint and experiencing the wonder of seeing images come to life.  The creative process is in itself exhilarating.

I am thankful for this season of life in which I am able to paint.  It is its own work, but it brings me joy.  We do not know what lies ahead, but for this day I will enjoy having just a taste of being allowed this magnificent pleasure.

All human beings are creative because we are made in the image of the Great Creator.  What aspects of creativity do you enjoy?  In what activities do you feel God‘s pleasure?  Have you had to put off times of creativity for a season?  If so, have you found that when you do have the opportunity to step back into that process that you enjoy it exponentially more?  That is my experience, and may it be yours as well.  Happy creating!

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