Painting a Wedding Portrait

A wedding portrait for Adam and Barbara
A wedding portrait for Adam and Barbara

Adam and Barbara chose a special place for their wedding. Adam, as he grew up, was very close to his grandfather.  Adam’s late grandfather was a dedicated Trustee for many years in his home church.  He made the baby cribs, crafted the wooden cross in the sanctuary and gave over fifty years of service.  He helped to keep the church building a warm and comfortable place for families in the community.  All six of their children grew up at that church.  As a young adult the youngest daughter and her husband crafted the stained glass windows for the sanctuary.  Adam’s grandpa made the wooden windows that presented the pieces of glass art.

On December 7, 2012, Adam and Barbara promised their lives to each other in this location, surrounded by an environment of family memories.

When I was asked to paint their portrait, I was thrilled.  As I painted I recorded each days work in photographs and so the result is a video that takes the portrait from a detailed drawing to the finished framed canvas with process notes a long the way.

Here is the video:

The artist (myself) is also the daughter who made the stained glass with her husband.  I feel very honored to be a part of this wedding memory for Adam and Barbara, my nephew and new niece.  God bless your happy marriage!

Working on the end stages of a wedding portrait.
Working on the end stages of a wedding portrait.

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