Observa-tion is the Key to Art

Students Linda and Fran study and draw some interesting shoes.
Students Linda and Fran study and draw some interesting shoes.

Observation…we discuss it every week in the art classes whether it be drawing or painting.  We often ask, “what did you see differently this week because you took the time to really observe something?

DSC_8956 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The study of art gives us an avenue to view our natural world with fresh eyes and take in all the nuance and detail that we typically visually gloss over.  We are challenged to look, and look again.  What do you really see as opposed to what you think you see?  Forget what the object is and consider simply its shape, its form, the way the light reveals the subject, the line, and the shadings.

Making of shoes
Making of shoes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

God has give us this wonderous capacity to see and to enjoy the details of our visual lives.  When viewing our natural world it helps give us a glimpse into the magnitude of intelligent design the Great Creator used in every little detail.  If He so cared about the visual details, how much more does He care about you and I?

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