5 “P”s – The Second “P” is for Practice

Practice is not glamorous, but essential
Practice is not glamorous, but essential

Practice seems at times tedious and like wasted time.  We tend to want the finished product without the investment of practice.  But every skilled musician, athlete, writer or artist knows that the most expressive freedom – the ability to create our absolute best grows out of that very mundane disciplined activity of practice.

English: Paul Galbraith in practice.
English: Paul Galbraith in practice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many of us carry around “a book in our head.”  But the key to writing that book is practice.  We envision great paintings or hear songs in our imaginations but the fulfillment of those creative desires is in the one-foot-in-front-of-the-other approach to progress.

So don’t be discouraged or dismayed if progress seems slow.  Just keep practicing.  The rewards are great.

In the great tapestry of life, practice is like the common earthy-colored threads that fill-in the background and hold the composition together.  They aren’t the more noticeable threads of silver and gold.  Practice isn’t flashy.  Practice makes the silver and gold shine by their seemingly drab contrast and makes the whole tapestry possible by supplying a foundation – a weave – a strength and continuity.  Practice makes sure all the threads are in their place and are stitched with skill, experience and precision.  Practice insures quality.

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