5 “P”s – The Fourth “P” is for Passion

I painted this many years ago remembering my little girl's first day of school.
I painted this many years ago remembering my little girl’s first day of school.

When we work with passion there is a quality that draws people.  We may or may not equate with the subject of the passion, but people tend to appreciate someone who is enthusiastically working with their heart and soul.  It is evident, it shows.

May years ago I submitted a painting (there is a detail of it, above) to a juried show.  The juror did not know me, nor my family.  The title of the painting did not give away the fact that I had a relationship with this little girl.  The juror’s comment was “in the way this work is painted, it is obvious that the artist loves this child.”

What makes this obvious?  I’ve stared at the painting many times since then wondering what she saw.  How did she know how much I adored my daughter?  It has to do with passion, and that sometimes indescribable quality that permeates that in which we put our heart into fully.

Passion takes something from ordinary to extraordinary.  Passion moves us through things that would tend to slow us down or discourage us…to keep us fired up until we reach the other side.  Passion is a fuel, a hope, and a magnet that attracts others to that which we find so utterly inspiring and significant.

I have a passion for the arts, for painting most significantly, and creative expression on many levels.  But far greater is a passion that burns inside of me that gives me a purpose for my passion.  And that is to communicate how deeply God loves us, shown most dramatically through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  His example of living a life of passion exceeds all others and daily I am moved, in some way, to share this life transforming truth through creative means…passionately!

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