Art & Wine in the Park – June 9th

Members of the Representational Art League hold a show at Mc Diarmid's Prairie Gallery in the late 1980's
Members of the Representational Art League hold a show at Mc Diarmid’s Prairie Gallery in the late 1980’s.  Front counterclockwise:  Jim Faber, Karen Doyle, Francis Bravo, Penny Fregeau

Back in the day, as they say, I was part of a small band of artists working in a representational manner.  We called ourselves The Representational Art League, and although my path went a different direction, the League is still in existence.  We started something called Art & Wine in the Park in local Rohner Park to showcase and celebrate the work of local artists.  It was mostly art and a little wine.  Now, as I restart my art career, I again entered the event as an artist and as I look at the current advertising these many years later it appears to be mostly wine and a little art.  I hope not – I would like to see some balance there but regardless,  I shall enjoy being in a community event where I have the opportunity to meet a lot of new people and find out what kind of art resonates with the attendees.

The day is Sunday afternoon, June 9th from 12-4 at Rohner Park in Fortuna.  The event itself is free.  It starts costing if one picks up a wine glass or takes a liking to a piece of art.  Most artists I know try to offer a range of items from inexpensive to labor intensive higher priced items.  The term ‘starving artists’ means that the majority of artists know what it is like to have a season of life that is lean economically.  Hopefully, everyone can enjoy seeing some art and having some good conversation in any season of life.

If you are traveling through the beautiful and wooly woods of Humboldt County in Northern California, be sure to come by the park.  Enjoy!

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