Enjoying Art and Dealing with Adversity

My young artist friend asked for a snake to be painted on his face.
My young artist friend asked for a snake to be painted on his face.

My friend here loves art.  I’m not a great face painter but he was encouraging and kind and appreciated the snake that wrapped itself around his eye and slithered around until the forked tongue came down his chin.  My young artist friend has spina bifida and life has handed him some stiff challenges.  But he meets adversity with optimism, bravery and with the trusting faith of a little boy.  God definitely gave him the right parents and the family has inspired our whole community!  My young artist friend is bright and has interests that any other seven-year-old boy.  He particularly likes black, painting cars and turkeys, since he and his dad go turkey hunting together.  What really stands out about his art is how much he enjoys the experience.  It is a part of who he is, and it brings a smile to watch his approach to life.  Speaking of smiles, he has a terrific one.

The idea that limitations can spark creativity is fascinating.  I think of the “Greatest Generation” who struggled through the Great Depression and came of age in the World War II era and how creative they were and are.  Life handed them many limitations, and now succeeding generations have named them “The Greatest” because they learned to leverage those limitations for good.  Individuals I know from this era understand way more than my generation how to do with less and create solutions to problems from practically nothing.  They have been among my greatest encouragers.  I stand in awe.

CIVA (Christians for the Visual Arts) showcased this video on this amazing artist whose creativity soared as a result of his physical limitations, and this inspiring clip is well worth the time for the innovative thoughts it is bound to start in you.  Enjoy!

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