The Joy of Mixing Colors

A young beginning painting student starts mixing colors.
A young beginning painting student starts mixing colors.

My painting teacher, Jim Faber (who was a wonderful colorist) said is that “in light there is all colors.”  So when we paint we can attribute color to places that we know, scientifically, are there even if we don’t wholly see them with our limited eyesight.  For example, we may see only a light yellow in a flower, but knowing that light is full of color we can gently and judicially place other colors of that same value within that yellow, understanding the properties of light.

Interestingly, as I have been reading through Job lately, and I found this gem:

“As the light approaches, the earth takes shape like clay pressed beneath a seal; it is robed in brilliant colors.”  Job 38:14

One facet of this tremendous art form called painting includes observing how this world was created with wondrous color and light.  Through the study of painting we learn how we take in this magnificent visual world around us, and translate it to canvas – to be a beauty and delight to the people in our corner of the world.

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