Art Ability and Disabilities

brownconssmIn the most recent chapter of my life book I find myself teaching art weekly to a group of intellectually disabled adults.  The time spent with these precious individuals has been both challenging and rewarding – mostly rewarding.  What was challenged was my preconceived notions as related to art and the mind.  Art, like many other enjoyable areas of life, is a gift from our Creator bestowed on individuals as He pleases.  And I think sometimes that God likes to rock our world in giving talent in places and in people whom we might assume would not gifted in this way.  Our minds truly are fascinating.  I think God smiles extra big and even laughs when He gives an extra special dose of talent to those who struggle mightily with basic life skills.  It is an amazing juxtaposition to behold.

The necessities of life can be hard on these dear ones and I am often in awe of their perseverance and determination to do the best they can without throwing in the towel of discouragement.   And so, as one of their teachers, I am the one that feels blessed. The time I share with my new friends in nurturing their gift of art is a joy.  In fact they are the ones that teach me some new life skills, and I am grateful for the experience.

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