Twice Blessed…the Musings of a Bi-Vocational Life

studio6Like many these days I have two jobs that help me to make ends meet.  Most people would consider themselves fortunate if they liked one out of two jobs.  I have two vocations and I love them both…thus “Twice Blessed.”  In ministry the Apostle Paul made bi-vocational ministry common. We all know him as the writer of many of the books in the New Testament, but he was also a tent-maker.

I have been busy the last few months with my return to ministry and there is nothing like it.  One has the opportunity to be with people in some of the most significant moments of life – birth, death, weddings, a crisis, celebrations and sorrows.  What a privilege!

My other “vocation” has been on the back burner for awhile.  During the past year I have had opportunity to have some fun “paint nites,” teach art to some amazing individuals with intellectual disabilities and even paint a large canvas during an Easter worship service.  But I haven’t painted for myself in the studio. So this short Christmas break gave me opportunity to get the studio in working order and begin to “block in” a couple of canvases. Blocking in means that one quickly sets in the basic colors and composition to see if the arrangement is going to work.  The whole day went by likity-split.

The concept of vocation invokes a sense of “calling.”  I feel called to both ministry and art.  Ministry is serving and art is expression.  They are different but both fields point to the Great Creator.  We are made in His image so we in turn can feel joy in creating.  He is our example and so we are to serve.  Twice Blessed.


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