Painting Children

It would be more accurate to say “Painting Pictures of Children.”  My mother did something very important for my self concept as a child.  She painted my portrait.  In doing so she conveyed how very important I was to her.  I was the baby of six and my parents found many ways to communicate how treasured each one of us were to them and to the family.  In response, I love portraying the everyday activities of children in paintings.  I want to pass on their tradition of placing high value on children.

These paintings are from two different eras.  Each portrays the special relationship of children with their pets.  In the color harmonies I thought often of the color theory lessons of my painting teacher in the 90’s, the late Jim Faber.  Now with students of my own I enjoy sharing the magnificence of the visual world – a world created with marvelous color and light.

Old Friend
Can I Have It?

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