Teenage Art

They filed in the studio on a blustery and rainy afternoon coming from a small town in Redwood Country, Northern California.  Some knew each other previously and the chatter among them was upbeat, energizing and fun.  They gathered around the “Idea Table” searching for reference material for what they might like to draw.  Moving to the tables we talked about today’s theme – the media they would be using (colored pencils) with an admonition to “Be Unique” and “Compete only with yourself.”  Jazz music played in the background as images of Rockwell’s work flashed across the screen. We talked about geometric shapes as being the building blocks of composition.  Each worked on something totally their own.  This student worked hard on the detail of the outside line, carefully observing the lumbering giraffe in the photo.  I love they way she composed the animals spots.  For me teaching students, whether teenage or younger children, is a fulfillment of a dream.  I’m excited for the journey ahead. and to see each student develop their own unique style.


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