I’m at the point in life where I love to pass on to others things that I have learned along the way. As I teach and as I ponder great thoughts while painting I come back to some principles, some axioms, over and over again. I thought it would be good to get these written down or recorded in some fashion. The first axiom I want to explore is in the realm of ideas. If you are like me, you might become impatient with the creative process. I tend to want to jump right into painting when there is a blank canvas staring at me. It is hard to wait for an idea to develop. I want to start right away.

Yet, over the years I have learned that it is of great benefit to patiently develop a good idea. Even if one has great technical expertise, it is the idea in the artwork that will put it over the top. The principle of delayed gratification certainly comes into play in patiently researching an idea before applying the paint to a canvas. The creative process is enhanced by taking the time to ponder and muse in the realm of ideas.

Here is a short video on this axiom. Axiom #1 The Idea – YouTube

I’d be interested in how you come up with good ideas!

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