An Education in the Fine Arts & Problem Solving

A magnificent gift to us from our Great Creator is the functioning of our minds.  There are trends in education and what we value in this current era.  One thing I think we can all agree on is the absolute need to develop minds that have excellent problem-solving ability, because we certainly have our share of problems in this world!

Thankfully, God gave us another wonderful gift of being human and that is the aptitude to express ourselves through the arts.  In learning how to draw or paint or sculpt or write or dance perform music or act on the stage we engage a part of the mind that taps into innovation.  With the arts we are challenged to communicate ideas and emotions in a way that engages the viewer or listener.  By it’s very nature we are seeking to communicate in a new way that will have a lasting impact. We learn to think outside of the box.  We find that there are often multiple ways to solve a creative equation.

Here is a YouTube video that explains more: Art Education and Problem Solving Skills – Art Axiom #12 – YouTube

Editors Note: My dog evidently thought I needed some help!

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