The Story Behind the Name

The Story of Nehemiah’s Art – “Rebuilding Lives Through Art, Faith, & Community.

I chose the name Nehemiah’s Art for my studio because Nehemiah is a story about rebuilding. The dream for this studio came about during a dark time in my life. Throughout that period, I would read Bible stories at night to the sweet five-year-old who occupied my attention in those days. When we reached the story of Nehemiah, the children’s Bible said that Nehemiah means “God wipes our tears.” I knew then that this was my story. Life can be challenging, but God is compassionate.

So what does this story have to do with an art studio? For one, I have art students from all walks of life. Sometimes my students have experienced a rough road in their journey and learning to draw and paint has been an outlet for them to express their emotions.

Behind each artwork is a story. The scene may seem ordinary, but it is often in the everyday things of life that we discover hidden beauty and meaning. Art expresses the deep notions of life.

I also wanted to establish an online store (through Etsy) to make prints available that are more affordable and to support the mission* of Nehemiah’s Art Studio and Gallery.

*Rebuilding lives through art, faith, and community.

Nehemiah’s Art Etsy Store


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