Art Classes for the New Year

Paint Nite

Art Classes and Weekend Workshops will be scheduled in 2023 starting in the Spring. To indicate an interest for you or a student aged 12 or over to attend class, please send an email and Nehemiah’s Art will send you up to date information on dates and times.

If you have a group and would like to schedule a special class time, please write an email and describe what dates and times that interest you.

What I Want For My Art Students

In this short video I share what is most important to me about an art education.

Upcoming Art Avenues at Nehemiah’s Art:
FIRST FRIDAY ART WORKSHOP – Friday, September 2nd – 6 to 8 PM. Spend two hours diving into a drawing or painting and enjoy an Art Studio experience with a few others aspiring or established artists. This workshop is for Adults (age 12 or older). The cost is $20 for the evening and includes art materials. Preregistration is required for the First Friday Art Workshop. Hint for parents of teens…this is your opportunity for a date night at FIRST FRIDAY on Main Street in Fortuna! Bring your student to Nehemiah’s Art and go have a good time!

WEDNESDAY ART CLASS – Studio instruction starts on Wednesday, September 7th, from 4-5:30 PM at Nehemiah’s Art. The class is once a week for six weeks. This class is for Adults (age 12 or older). The cost is $20 per class for a total of $120. If you pay upfront by the first class, a 20-dollar discount will make the course $100 for six weeks. Art materials are included for this class. This class is eligible for Alder Grove Home School Students. Preregistration for the class is required.

THE MISSION OF NEHEMIAH’S ART: Rebuilding Lives through Art, Faith, and Community.

SUPPORT: If you like the mission of Nehemiah’s Art and want to support this endeavor, there are prints on canvas on sale through

MORE INFORMATION? Send a private message.

The Story Behind the Name

The Story of Nehemiah’s Art – “Rebuilding Lives Through Art, Faith, & Community.

I chose the name Nehemiah’s Art for my studio because Nehemiah is a story about rebuilding. The dream for this studio came about during a dark time in my life. Throughout that period, I would read Bible stories at night to the sweet five-year-old who occupied my attention in those days. When we reached the story of Nehemiah, the children’s Bible said that Nehemiah means “God wipes our tears.” I knew then that this was my story. Life can be challenging, but God is compassionate.

So what does this story have to do with an art studio? For one, I have art students from all walks of life. Sometimes my students have experienced a rough road in their journey and learning to draw and paint has been an outlet for them to express their emotions.

Behind each artwork is a story. The scene may seem ordinary, but it is often in the everyday things of life that we discover hidden beauty and meaning. Art expresses the deep notions of life.

I also wanted to establish an online store (through Etsy) to make prints available that are more affordable and to support the mission* of Nehemiah’s Art Studio and Gallery.

*Rebuilding lives through art, faith, and community.

Nehemiah’s Art Etsy Store

Baptism @ the Van Duzen

This is the story behind the painting of Baptism @ the Van Duzen. As I seek to grow as an artist, I want to not only grow in skill and the ability to make an image more convincing, I want to be more purposeful in selecting subjects that are more personal, vulnerable and courageous. In this video I share my thoughts with the hopes that they will resonate with the viewer and their own personal experiences. Thank you for watching!

(67) The Story Behind the Painting: Baptism at the Van Duzen – YouTube

An Education in the Fine Arts & Problem Solving

A magnificent gift to us from our Great Creator is the functioning of our minds.  There are trends in education and what we value in this current era.  One thing I think we can all agree on is the absolute need to develop minds that have excellent problem-solving ability, because we certainly have our share of problems in this world!

Thankfully, God gave us another wonderful gift of being human and that is the aptitude to express ourselves through the arts.  In learning how to draw or paint or sculpt or write or dance perform music or act on the stage we engage a part of the mind that taps into innovation.  With the arts we are challenged to communicate ideas and emotions in a way that engages the viewer or listener.  By it’s very nature we are seeking to communicate in a new way that will have a lasting impact. We learn to think outside of the box.  We find that there are often multiple ways to solve a creative equation.

Here is a YouTube video that explains more: Art Education and Problem Solving Skills – Art Axiom #12 – YouTube

Editors Note: My dog evidently thought I needed some help!

The Vision for Nehemiah’s Art

Nehemiah’s Art. Nehemiah is a Biblical name. What does it mean? What correlation does it have to the learning the language of art through it’s various uses, such as visual art, dance, music, writing, theater and so forth? How is the vision of Nehemiah’s Art akin to art therapy? These questions and more are answered in this short video. The Vision of Nehemiah’s Art (Akin to Art Therapy) – YouTube

Honoring Mentors

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton

If we have had some success in any area, including art, we can be sure that we have benefitted from one or more mentors. Mentors come in a variety of circumstance. Some, like parents, may pour their life into you or I for years. Others may have had a word of encouragement for us at a time of great need. There may have been teachers and spiritual leaders that have influenced our path dramatically. In another sense, a teaching line is a type of mentoring, In art we can learn not only from living mentors, but from the artwork left behind by great painters.

It is of great benefit, not only to our mentors, but to ourselves, to acknowledge how much their encouragement and support has meant. Here is a short video that talks about mentors in art. Free Painting Lesson Axiom#5 Honoring Mentors – YouTube

Paint Beautiful Shapes. Paint Beautiful Colors.

Two simple phrases were passed down from teacher to student who then became a teacher to other students. These two directives actually take a lot of contemplation and deep thought. Paint Beautiful Shapes. Paint Beautiful Colors. These are good “filters” to access many works of art. Do they please the eye? Is it a feast for the eyes? What emotions come from viewing the finished art work? Here is a short video that captures these two ideas: Axiom#4 Paint Beautiful Shapes. Paint Beautiful Colors. – YouTube

Axiom #3 Paint What You See

My painting teacher, Jim Faber, used to say: “paint what you see, not what you THINK you see! It’s a call to observation. Instead of assuming that the sky is blue and the leaves are green, take a look. How does the light affect the colors? What are we taking for granted? What have we not seen?

Nature is a never ending source of wonder, and we miss out when we don’t observe the full scope of beauty that is before us. How much we gain by observing the world around us. Here is a youtube video that explains this concept: Axiom #3 Paint What You Really See – YouTube