Baptism @ the Van Duzen

This is the story behind the painting of Baptism @ the Van Duzen. As I seek to grow as an artist, I want to not only grow in skill and the ability to make an image more convincing, I want to be more purposeful in selecting subjects that are more personal, vulnerable and courageous. InContinue reading “Baptism @ the Van Duzen”

Learning From Nature

“Like music and art, love of nature is a common language that can transcend political or social boundaries.” – Jimmy Carter This Art Instruction Video called “Learning from Nature” is meant to encourage artists and aspiring artists in their creative development through studying the visual world. Although this is the primary intended audience, there mightContinue reading “Learning From Nature”

Beauty and Sacrifice

“I cannot make this any easier;  it is not easy.  But then, beauty is not ever very easy to find, acquire, nor maintain.  That is what is beautiful about it.  Beauty demands and requires sacrifice.  Sacrifice in time and effort.”  George Roland Wills We have grown accustomed to, and often expect, polished results from minimumContinue reading “Beauty and Sacrifice”

Experimenting, Learning and Working Hard

 Taking the attitude that we are learning and experimenting helps take some of the pressure that we put upon ourselves away.  If we consider learning a “win” then we are encouraged.  If we are perfectionistic in our expectations then we will certainly become discouraged when our efforts don’t measure up.  Personal progress is a reason toContinue reading “Experimenting, Learning and Working Hard”

5 “P’s” – The Fifth “P” is for Perseverance

Perseverance often means a dogged determination to master the basics.   For we know that as we build that solid foundation, in the field of our endeavor, our greatest opportunity for full artistic expression is given flight.  The very repetitious and mundane practices of our craft coupled with an intellectual thirst to learn more create within us buildingContinue reading “5 “P’s” – The Fifth “P” is for Perseverance”

Fruit, Flowers and Faith

“I am never going to have anything more to do with politics or politicians. When this war is over I shall confine myself entirely to writing and painting.”  –  Winston Churchill What an interesting insight into this great leader in history!  Also revealed is an understanding that there are distinct seasons in the book ofContinue reading “Fruit, Flowers and Faith”

Sole Inspiration

In last night’s Colored Pencil Drawing Class the subject was shoes. The students did a great job bringing all kinds of footwear to artistic life. When we think of shoes there is what we call the sole of the shoe.  The word ‘sole’ or ‘soul’ is used in a couple of different ways.  In ministryContinue reading “Sole Inspiration”

Details and Love

I love to paint.  I love to discover over and over again the exquisite detail in a multiplicity of forms.  Observing the delicacy of a flower, the delight of a child’s smile and the twinkle in an older person’s eye reminds me of how much The Great Creator obviously loves detail!   God created a beautiful world filled withContinue reading “Details and Love”

Classical Realism

“Guild Members of the Society…are rooted to the conviction that fine art is, first and foremost, about life: and most specifically about the dignity, beauty, comedy, tragedy, romance, fantasy, pride, and nobility of the human spirit; and all those precious and powerful emotions that form and define the human experience. ” – The American SocietyContinue reading “Classical Realism”

The Versatile Blogger Award

Many thanks to Joel Tipple for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Unlike the Academy Award or Grammy, when you are nominated for the VBA, that’s it. You are not put into a pool of also-rans to await your fate. You simply take a virtual bow and follow a few simple rules. ForContinue reading “The Versatile Blogger Award”