Why Art?

Why art?  Many would say there are much more practical ways to spend one’s time and energy.  There are incredibly talented artists all over the world.  Does the world really need one more painting or other creative form of expression? Art is many things, but for me in this season of my life, art hasContinue reading “Why Art?”

When I In Awesome Wonder…

 In my husbands classroom there hung a poster for many years that said, “There are two ways of spreading light… being the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” Nature is like a candle.  God’s direct handiwork is awe-inspiring and beyond comprehension.  The hymn writer penned the famous words,  “Oh Lord my God when I inContinue reading “When I In Awesome Wonder…”

Just Fruit?

“When language was not transcendental enough to complete the meaning of a revelation, symbols were relied upon for heavenly teaching, and familiar images, chosen from the known, were made to mirror the unknown spiritual truth.”  – William H. Hunt For example, pomegranates symbolized such concepts as eternal life and unity of the Christian community.  TheContinue reading “Just Fruit?”

A Limited Color Palette Part 2 – No Black.

No Black?  No.  Black is the absence of color.  And we live in a world filled with color and light.  What we consider black is really very very dark color that appear to our eyes as black – dark green, dark purple, dark bluish-brownish-purple, etc.  Painters will argue about this, but in a limited colorContinue reading “A Limited Color Palette Part 2 – No Black.”