Paint Beautiful Shapes. Paint Beautiful Colors.

Two simple phrases were passed down from teacher to student who then became a teacher to other students. These two directives actually take a lot of contemplation and deep thought. Paint Beautiful Shapes. Paint Beautiful Colors. These are good “filters” to access many works of art. Do they please the eye? Is it a feastContinue reading “Paint Beautiful Shapes. Paint Beautiful Colors.”

What Does the Composition Convey?

A composition, in many aspects, is the task of placing visual components on a canvas.  This may sound simple but may be, in fact, amazingly complex.  The arrangement of objects can convey diverse ideas and one has to decide what one is attempting to communicate to the viewer.  For example, a simple triangular composition withContinue reading “What Does the Composition Convey?”

Comp-osition and Where It Leads Us

A painting’s composition determines where one’s eye travels over the painting to create interest and bring the eye back to the element(s) the artist wants to emphasize.  In addition to the value of visual beauty the painting points to objects and communicates “look at this!”  In the piece above the lines jetting outward would leadContinue reading “Comp-osition and Where It Leads Us”

Offering a Local Art Class

On six consecutive Tuesday evenings, from February 26th – April 2nd 2013, 6:30 – 8:30 PM, I’ll be offering a drawing class at the Fortuna Fabric and Craft Shop – 2045 Main St. in Fortuna, California.  All skill levels are welcome.  The class cost is $100 plus supplies (drawing paper, pencils & an eraser).  TheContinue reading “Offering a Local Art Class”

Art and Faith During Troubled Times

In Inspired by Faith, author Robin Landa address the why to creating artworks of faith.  “Artists choose to paint religious and spiritual works in order to reveal their beliefs to themselves, to others, and to God…Painting, one of the most dynamic and complex mediums we have ever invented, allows us to seach out our mindsContinue reading “Art and Faith During Troubled Times”

Introduction to Drawing Part I

Drawing is the basic componet of any artwork.  Like piano playing to a musician, a knowledge and growing skill of drawing gives a good foundation and raises the maturity level of our artwork.  A few components to consider as we pursue drawing: Draw everyday!  We artists tend to think that inspiration has to hit usContinue reading “Introduction to Drawing Part I”