Drawing More Realistically

A new session of drawing is opening September 11th for teens.  Students will study, draw and discuss techniques to increase observation, draw proportionately, increase value judgement in shading, and become aware of 3D effects.  Drawing is a foundational skill for any kind of art, and drawing can be an art form in it’s own right. Continue reading “Drawing More Realistically”

Teenage Art

They filed in the studio on a blustery and rainy afternoon coming from a small town in Redwood Country, Northern California.  Some knew each other previously and the chatter among them was upbeat, energizing and fun.  They gathered around the “Idea Table” searching for reference material for what they might like to draw.  Moving toContinue reading “Teenage Art”

Boundaries and Grids of Life

 A common exercise to help train the artist’s eye is to enlarge the image of a photograph by using a grid method wherein a picture is sectioned off.  A corresponding larger piece of art paper or canvas is similarly sectioned off in proportion, simply larger.  Then the student-artist concentrates on one square at a timeContinue reading “Boundaries and Grids of Life”

The Big Picture, The Details

The direct method of enlarging a picture by observing its major geometric shapes, the relation of those shapes to each other, the negative spaces they create and paying attention to the way the light illuminates the shapes to create forms is said by another way in a simple but overused sentence: Look at the bigContinue reading “The Big Picture, The Details”

Excellence Starts with the Basics

The basics seem so boring.  When I finally reached college age I was so excited not to have to take, what I considered, the boring curriculum subjects of math, science and foreign language and jumped at the chance to select more creative endeavor.  And so, in my first season of college I took drawing, design,Continue reading “Excellence Starts with the Basics”

Autumn Colors Inspire Art

 Well Fall is in the air!  As much as we long for summers here on the North Coast because we have such an abundance of rain, still, we tend to greet Autumn with great anticipation as well.  There is something about new beginnings, a change in the weather and students going back to school.  InContinue reading “Autumn Colors Inspire Art”

I Am Still Learning!

  On the last evening of my last Drawing Class we talked about having the attitude of a life-long learner.  Yes, with each day I am still learning in so many areas!  Having the attitude of a learner takes a lot of the pressure off those of us who can be too hard on ourselves andContinue reading “I Am Still Learning!”

Colored Pencil Drawing Class

A Colored Pencil Drawing Class taught by Artist Penny Fregeau  is scheduled to start at the Fortuna Fabric & Crafts store on Tuesday nights from 6:30-8:30 PM starting April 16th.  The class will run for six weeks ending on May 28th. All skill levels are welcome.  The cost of the class is $100 plus materials, whichContinue reading “Colored Pencil Drawing Class”

Drawing with Patience

Drawing is a foundational skill to all kinds of art.  If we are musically inclined, taking piano lessons certainly helps us develop a broad base of musical understanding which helps when we pick up other instruments to play.  Similarly, developing the skill and discipline of drawing helps in a wide variety of artistic endeavor. IContinue reading “Drawing with Patience”