Estelle’s Irises

According to Texas A& M University, the iris means faith, hope and wisdom.  Since there are over two-hundred varieties of irises there is a lot of symbolism and meaning attached to this flower.  The subject matter for this painting came from the yard of a dear godly woman I know named Estelle.  Estelle is aContinue reading “Estelle’s Irises”

Drawn to God

As I prepare to teach a local drawing class I am reminded of the foundational aspects of drawing.  Like scales to a musician, drawing is a basic skill for all art forms.  When we begin to draw we start observing the world around us with different eyes.  We start to contemplate those forms around us thatContinue reading “Drawn to God”

Finding Your Artistic Voice

One never outgrows one’s teachers. Teachers should be respected for the knowledge and life they have poured into us and for their willingness to share what they have learned. Norman Rockwell, in later years, lamented that he did not consider himself a good teacher because he insisted that his students paint just like him. HeContinue reading “Finding Your Artistic Voice”

Art and Faith During Troubled Times

In Inspired by Faith, author Robin Landa address the why to creating artworks of faith.  “Artists choose to paint religious and spiritual works in order to reveal their beliefs to themselves, to others, and to God…Painting, one of the most dynamic and complex mediums we have ever invented, allows us to seach out our mindsContinue reading “Art and Faith During Troubled Times”

Vibrant Color Part II

A key in learning to paint color vibrantly is observation.  When we are young we learn that the sun is yellow, tree trunks are brown, the leaves are green and the sky is blue.  After we learn this elementary approach to color we tend to stop looking.  We really don’t observe in large part how lightContinue reading “Vibrant Color Part II”

Introduction to Acrylics

What is Arylic? “The dictionary tells us it is a glassy thermoplastic made by polymerizing methacrylic acid and is used in castings, moldings, coatings and adhesives.  But as a painting medium, acrylic can best be defined as versatile. An acrylic painting can resemble anything from a watercolor to an oil, though the techniques used inContinue reading “Introduction to Acrylics”