Axiom #2: Be An Original. Go From Good to Great!

Be An Original! We have heard that one many times, and I just wanted to explore this axiom in this short video. We can make something technically good by making something similar to someone else’s idea. It might even sell well. But if we want to be the best version of ourselves and create theContinue reading “Axiom #2: Be An Original. Go From Good to Great!”

To Be An Original

Ideas – where do they come from?  How does one consistently come up with good creative ideas for one’s artistic endeavors?  Norman Rockwell had an interesting pattern of coming up with good ideas.  “Getting good ideas is always a problem.  It takes a lot of digging…When I get discouraged I stop – go for aContinue reading “To Be An Original”

Finding Your Artistic Voice

One never outgrows one’s teachers. Teachers should be respected for the knowledge and life they have poured into us and for their willingness to share what they have learned. Norman Rockwell, in later years, lamented that he did not consider himself a good teacher because he insisted that his students paint just like him. HeContinue reading “Finding Your Artistic Voice”