A Simple Story of Hospital-ity

The painting is called Gevalia Kaffee, after the coffee company porcelain container.  The Still Life scene is located in the formal dining room of an old Victorian bungalow home we used to own.  The elements tell a story of hospitality – coffee for two, cream and sugar, a rose to add some visual beauty.  You are invited to come sit a spell,Continue reading “A Simple Story of Hospital-ity”

A Masculine Still Life

There’s much more in a Still Life than a few objects painted on a canvas.  Still Life paintings give opportunity for both visual enjoyment and symbolism to communicate a message to the viewer. In this Still Life composition we see the eye is continually drawn back to the pipe resting on the deep blue velvetContinue reading “A Masculine Still Life”

Online Art Shopping and Feedback

When I was a young artist the internet wasn’t considered a place where one purchased very much, and certainly not art.  What a different world we live in now!  Back “in the day” most of my paintings were sold locally and although there was an occasional painting shipped to a large city gallery or purchases by tourists visiting Humboldt County, for theContinue reading “Online Art Shopping and Feedback”

Observing Details

My current drawing class is made up of individuals with varying degrees of artistic experience and skills.  They are all doing a great job and I am encouraged by their progress.  Each student is learning to observe the world in a more detailed way which is the gateway to artistic endeavor.  In observation we gainContinue reading “Observing Details”

Just Fruit?

“When language was not transcendental enough to complete the meaning of a revelation, symbols were relied upon for heavenly teaching, and familiar images, chosen from the known, were made to mirror the unknown spiritual truth.”  – William H. Hunt For example, pomegranates symbolized such concepts as eternal life and unity of the Christian community.  TheContinue reading “Just Fruit?”