Drawing Generations Together

It is exciting to see someone’s talent bloom in any season of life.  For many, it is not until the years of retirement that the schedule allows some time to address a life long yearning to study art.  My grandmother, for example, did not take up painting until she was in her eighties (she lived toContinue reading “Drawing Generations Together”

The Color Commit-tee

They drove up en mass to our stained glass studio.  I smiled because people usually made an appointment as we  left the shop at times to install our stained glass windows in the cities in and around Orange County in Southern California.  I’m glad we were there when they came.  They were a committee ofContinue reading “The Color Commit-tee”

More About Color Theory

In my early twenties I was taken back by learning that someone with whom I had attended High School was studying color theory for an entire year at his chosen university.  I shook my head and could not comprehend that one could fill a whole year’s studies on color!  Yellow and blue make green, right?  How could there beContinue reading “More About Color Theory”

From the Glorious Rhythm of Life

Observation is a key ingredient in creating art that reflects the beauty of our natural world.  It is often easier to work from photographs and masterful artists have done so for a long time.  But hands down, the most visual information is available to us from life itself.  The nuances of light, the vibrancy of color,Continue reading “From the Glorious Rhythm of Life”

Beauty and Excellence in the Arts

“Art is our human response to whatever we see as beautiful.” – Luci Shaw in For the Beauty of the Church As human beings we are drawn to beauty, we are attracted to excellence.  The Arts – music, dance, drama, poetry (and other literary arts), visual arts (drawing, painting, digital, sculpture, to name a few)  film, and architecture,Continue reading “Beauty and Excellence in the Arts”

Color Theory Comes to Light in the Shadows

Around 1987 or 1988 I began studying with a very talented and knowledgable colorist painter named Jim Faber.  He explained to us the Impressionistic theories of color and light. The Impressionists brought about a new way of looking at art and life.  These artists came out of the studio into the light of day andContinue reading “Color Theory Comes to Light in the Shadows”

Commissioning A Painting or Mural

Art often ties us to a memory. The most requested commissioned paintings are of one’s loved ones. A painting is created with time-tested materials that can last for centuries. A work of art is meant to last for generations. Whether the painting captures a special moment, is a formal portrait, or is in memory ofContinue reading “Commissioning A Painting or Mural”

First Friday in Fortuna!

I am especially looking forward to this First Friday in Fortuna.  Similar to Arts Alive in Eureka, Fortuna’s businesses open their doors with displays of original art and live music that waifs from store to store.  Among the open businesses are:  Horizons, Kozy Korner Gifts, L’s Kitchen, Main Street Art Gallery, Marian’s Beauty Salon, Moore’s Sleep Center, PrecisionContinue reading “First Friday in Fortuna!”

Artistic Beauty in Worship Spaces

Art is a common language that can be shared all over the world.  Twice I had the incredible opportunity to travel outside the United States and observe the art culture in two diverse locations:  Italy and Israel.  Both locales were in stark difference to the U.S. by the virtue of time.  Compared to us these cultures are bothContinue reading “Artistic Beauty in Worship Spaces”

An Education in the Arts Impacts the Culture

With the economic pressures we have experienced nationally the past few years and the constant rhetoric regarding budget cuts we often hear about art programs being cut in our educational systems.  Art and music are not seen as important as the math and sciences, for example.  I believe this mindset is short-sighted for some substantial reasons. Continue reading “An Education in the Arts Impacts the Culture”