More About Color Theory

In my early twenties I was taken back by learning that someone with whom I had attended High School was studying color theory for an entire year at his chosen university.  I shook my head and could not comprehend that one could fill a whole year’s studies on color!  Yellow and blue make green, right?  How could there beContinue reading “More About Color Theory”

From the Glorious Rhythm of Life

Observation is a key ingredient in creating art that reflects the beauty of our natural world.  It is often easier to work from photographs and masterful artists have done so for a long time.  But hands down, the most visual information is available to us from life itself.  The nuances of light, the vibrancy of color,Continue reading “From the Glorious Rhythm of Life”

Beauty and Excellence in the Arts

“Art is our human response to whatever we see as beautiful.” – Luci Shaw in For the Beauty of the Church As human beings we are drawn to beauty, we are attracted to excellence.  The Arts – music, dance, drama, poetry (and other literary arts), visual arts (drawing, painting, digital, sculpture, to name a few)  film, and architecture,Continue reading “Beauty and Excellence in the Arts”

Artistic Beauty in Worship Spaces

Art is a common language that can be shared all over the world.  Twice I had the incredible opportunity to travel outside the United States and observe the art culture in two diverse locations:  Italy and Israel.  Both locales were in stark difference to the U.S. by the virtue of time.  Compared to us these cultures are bothContinue reading “Artistic Beauty in Worship Spaces”

An Education in the Arts Impacts the Culture

With the economic pressures we have experienced nationally the past few years and the constant rhetoric regarding budget cuts we often hear about art programs being cut in our educational systems.  Art and music are not seen as important as the math and sciences, for example.  I believe this mindset is short-sighted for some substantial reasons. Continue reading “An Education in the Arts Impacts the Culture”

Painting to Celebrate The Most Joyous Occasion on Planet Earth!

Painting as a form of worship during the Easter service has become a tradition for which I am grateful to participate.  There are many Biblical expressions of worship and I love the account in Exodus where God instructs the children of Israel to create beautiful things for the tabernacle and for the priestly garments.  I appreciateContinue reading “Painting to Celebrate The Most Joyous Occasion on Planet Earth!”

Have You Ever Been Moved to Tears by Something Beautiful?

Art is one of those communication links that transcends language, culture, gender, economic status or age, among other things.  We can be moved deeply by the sensitive portrayal of the arts in a variety of expressions.  Deep and significant concepts can be conveyed by the arts that either reinforce what someone is trying to sayContinue reading “Have You Ever Been Moved to Tears by Something Beautiful?”

Happy Resurrection Day to Come

Easter is close at hand!  Our culture tends to highlight Christmas as the biggest day of the year both spiritually and as a time of family gathering.  But if we consider the significance of Easter, really, the whole world was changed by not only the birth, but also the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Continue reading “Happy Resurrection Day to Come”

Comp-osition and Where It Leads Us

A painting’s composition determines where one’s eye travels over the painting to create interest and bring the eye back to the element(s) the artist wants to emphasize.  In addition to the value of visual beauty the painting points to objects and communicates “look at this!”  In the piece above the lines jetting outward would leadContinue reading “Comp-osition and Where It Leads Us”

Estelle’s Irises

According to Texas A& M University, the iris means faith, hope and wisdom.  Since there are over two-hundred varieties of irises there is a lot of symbolism and meaning attached to this flower.  The subject matter for this painting came from the yard of a dear godly woman I know named Estelle.  Estelle is aContinue reading “Estelle’s Irises”