Drawing with Patience

Drawing is a foundational skill to all kinds of art.  If we are musically inclined, taking piano lessons certainly helps us develop a broad base of musical understanding which helps when we pick up other instruments to play.  Similarly, developing the skill and discipline of drawing helps in a wide variety of artistic endeavor. IContinue reading “Drawing with Patience”

Observing Details

My current drawing class is made up of individuals with varying degrees of artistic experience and skills.  They are all doing a great job and I am encouraged by their progress.  Each student is learning to observe the world in a more detailed way which is the gateway to artistic endeavor.  In observation we gainContinue reading “Observing Details”

Resurrection Lilies

I started this painting as a sketch last Easter in preparation for painting during the worship service our church had at the local high school.  I do a lot of preliminary work the week preceding Easter so that when I come to the big canvas on Easter morning a lot has already been worked out inContinue reading “Resurrection Lilies”

Mixed Flowers on Blue

 Finished at last!  I started this painting as a demonstration with a painting class that combined art instruction and a Bible study about creativity.  I finished it today in my studio. You may think that art and Bible study is an interesting combination, but I cannot paint without constantly being reminded of our Great CreatorContinue reading “Mixed Flowers on Blue”

Beauty in Diversity

Heavy metal, a tender-fleshed tomato, soft folded cloth and a shiny wooden handle – all vastly different textures that put together help to make an image more convincing.  As very diverse visual objects work together to achieve a look of realism, so there is great value in very different types of people working together to achieveContinue reading “Beauty in Diversity”

Just Fruit?

“When language was not transcendental enough to complete the meaning of a revelation, symbols were relied upon for heavenly teaching, and familiar images, chosen from the known, were made to mirror the unknown spiritual truth.”  – William H. Hunt For example, pomegranates symbolized such concepts as eternal life and unity of the Christian community.  TheContinue reading “Just Fruit?”