The Joy of Mixing Colors

My painting teacher, Jim Faber (who was a wonderful colorist) said is that “in light there is all colors.”  So when we paint we can attribute color to places that we know, scientifically, are there even if we don’t wholly see them with our limited eyesight.  For example, we may see only a light yellowContinue reading “The Joy of Mixing Colors”

Fruit, Flowers and Faith

“I am never going to have anything more to do with politics or politicians. When this war is over I shall confine myself entirely to writing and painting.”  –  Winston Churchill What an interesting insight into this great leader in history!  Also revealed is an understanding that there are distinct seasons in the book ofContinue reading “Fruit, Flowers and Faith”

The Color Commit-tee

They drove up en mass to our stained glass studio.  I smiled because people usually made an appointment as we  left the shop at times to install our stained glass windows in the cities in and around Orange County in Southern California.  I’m glad we were there when they came.  They were a committee ofContinue reading “The Color Commit-tee”

More About Color Theory

In my early twenties I was taken back by learning that someone with whom I had attended High School was studying color theory for an entire year at his chosen university.  I shook my head and could not comprehend that one could fill a whole year’s studies on color!  Yellow and blue make green, right?  How could there beContinue reading “More About Color Theory”

Color Theory Comes to Light in the Shadows

Around 1987 or 1988 I began studying with a very talented and knowledgable colorist painter named Jim Faber.  He explained to us the Impressionistic theories of color and light. The Impressionists brought about a new way of looking at art and life.  These artists came out of the studio into the light of day andContinue reading “Color Theory Comes to Light in the Shadows”

A Limited Palette Part 4 – My Favorites

  We live in a world filled with color and light.  All the marvelous colors in the world can be mixed by using a limited palette. It is important to make the distinction that when I refer to a limited palette I am using colored paint that, used  together, can be mixed to create the whole spectrumContinue reading “A Limited Palette Part 4 – My Favorites”

A Limited Color Palette – Part 3 – The “Ish”

Learning and understanding color is made simple by the “ish.”  Even my four-year-old granddaughter understands the concept.  We learn to evaluate and describe any color by  voicing it’s ingredients in order from greatest to least – and then add the ish.  What is that color the army uses so frequently?  Oh, it’s greenish-yellowish-reddish.  Mix thoseContinue reading “A Limited Color Palette – Part 3 – The “Ish””

A Limited Color Palette Part 2 – No Black.

No Black?  No.  Black is the absence of color.  And we live in a world filled with color and light.  What we consider black is really very very dark color that appear to our eyes as black – dark green, dark purple, dark bluish-brownish-purple, etc.  Painters will argue about this, but in a limited colorContinue reading “A Limited Color Palette Part 2 – No Black.”