Painted Flowers Express Emotions

The giving of flowers express so many emotions.  Occasions where we congratulate, celebrate, encourage, convey love, tenderness, sorrow and caring are times we give flowers.  God could have created a very  practical world in which flowers didn’t exist or they could have been very utilitarian in form and function.  Yet the earth is beautified byContinue reading “Painted Flowers Express Emotions”

Details and Love

I love to paint.  I love to discover over and over again the exquisite detail in a multiplicity of forms.  Observing the delicacy of a flower, the delight of a child’s smile and the twinkle in an older person’s eye reminds me of how much The Great Creator obviously loves detail!   God created a beautiful world filled withContinue reading “Details and Love”

Estelle’s Irises

According to Texas A& M University, the iris means faith, hope and wisdom.  Since there are over two-hundred varieties of irises there is a lot of symbolism and meaning attached to this flower.  The subject matter for this painting came from the yard of a dear godly woman I know named Estelle.  Estelle is aContinue reading “Estelle’s Irises”