Teenage Art

They filed in the studio on a blustery and rainy afternoon coming from a small town in Redwood Country, Northern California.  Some knew each other previously and the chatter among them was upbeat, energizing and fun.  They gathered around the “Idea Table” searching for reference material for what they might like to draw.  Moving toContinue reading “Teenage Art”

Student Drawing Class

I am so looking forward to the Student Drawing Class that starts this week.  In this season of life there is something thrilling about passing on the baton to the next generation of artists.  There is so much I want to share with them about being creative, expressing themselves and seeing the world around themContinue reading “Student Drawing Class”

To Be An Original

Ideas – where do they come from?  How does one consistently come up with good creative ideas for one’s artistic endeavors?  Norman Rockwell had an interesting pattern of coming up with good ideas.  “Getting good ideas is always a problem.  It takes a lot of digging…When I get discouraged I stop – go for aContinue reading “To Be An Original”