From the Glorious Rhythm of Life

Observation is a key ingredient in creating art that reflects the beauty of our natural world.  It is often easier to work from photographs and masterful artists have done so for a long time.  But hands down, the most visual information is available to us from life itself.  The nuances of light, the vibrancy of color,Continue reading “From the Glorious Rhythm of Life”

A Whole Lot of Art Going On

I’m looking forward to the joy of teaching art in our community!  This class will be on Monday mornings at the Rohner Recreation Hall at Rohner Park in Fortuna, California.  We will be exploring how to paint pictures of a world filled with glorious color and light by using acrylics on canvas.  Sign ups areContinue reading “A Whole Lot of Art Going On”

Offering a Local Art Class

On six consecutive Tuesday evenings, from February 26th – April 2nd 2013, 6:30 – 8:30 PM, I’ll be offering a drawing class at the Fortuna Fabric and Craft Shop – 2045 Main St. in Fortuna, California.  All skill levels are welcome.  The class cost is $100 plus supplies (drawing paper, pencils & an eraser).  TheContinue reading “Offering a Local Art Class”