5 “P”s – The Fourth “P” is for Passion

When we work with passion there is a quality that draws people.  We may or may not equate with the subject of the passion, but people tend to appreciate someone who is enthusiastically working with their heart and soul.  It is evident, it shows. May years ago I submitted a painting (there is a detail ofContinue reading “5 “P”s – The Fourth “P” is for Passion”

Painting to Celebrate The Most Joyous Occasion on Planet Earth!

Painting as a form of worship during the Easter service has become a tradition for which I am grateful to participate.  There are many Biblical expressions of worship and I love the account in Exodus where God instructs the children of Israel to create beautiful things for the tabernacle and for the priestly garments.  I appreciateContinue reading “Painting to Celebrate The Most Joyous Occasion on Planet Earth!”