Drawing More Realistically

A new session of drawing is opening September 11th for teens.  Students will study, draw and discuss techniques to increase observation, draw proportionately, increase value judgement in shading, and become aware of 3D effects.  Drawing is a foundational skill for any kind of art, and drawing can be an art form in it’s own right. Continue reading “Drawing More Realistically”

Student Drawing Class

I am so looking forward to the Student Drawing Class that starts this week.  In this season of life there is something thrilling about passing on the baton to the next generation of artists.  There is so much I want to share with them about being creative, expressing themselves and seeing the world around themContinue reading “Student Drawing Class”

Experimenting, Learning and Working Hard

 Taking the attitude that we are learning and experimenting helps take some of the pressure that we put upon ourselves away.  If we consider learning a “win” then we are encouraged.  If we are perfectionistic in our expectations then we will certainly become discouraged when our efforts don’t measure up.  Personal progress is a reason toContinue reading “Experimenting, Learning and Working Hard”

Beauty and Excellence in the Arts

“Art is our human response to whatever we see as beautiful.” – Luci Shaw in For the Beauty of the Church As human beings we are drawn to beauty, we are attracted to excellence.  The Arts – music, dance, drama, poetry (and other literary arts), visual arts (drawing, painting, digital, sculpture, to name a few)  film, and architecture,Continue reading “Beauty and Excellence in the Arts”

I Am Still Learning!

  On the last evening of my last Drawing Class we talked about having the attitude of a life-long learner.  Yes, with each day I am still learning in so many areas!  Having the attitude of a learner takes a lot of the pressure off those of us who can be too hard on ourselves andContinue reading “I Am Still Learning!”

Classical Realism

“Guild Members of the Society…are rooted to the conviction that fine art is, first and foremost, about life: and most specifically about the dignity, beauty, comedy, tragedy, romance, fantasy, pride, and nobility of the human spirit; and all those precious and powerful emotions that form and define the human experience. ” – The American SocietyContinue reading “Classical Realism”