Teenage Art

They filed in the studio on a blustery and rainy afternoon coming from a small town in Redwood Country, Northern California.  Some knew each other previously and the chatter among them was upbeat, energizing and fun.  They gathered around the “Idea Table” searching for reference material for what they might like to draw.  Moving toContinue reading “Teenage Art”

Drawing with Patience

Drawing is a foundational skill to all kinds of art.  If we are musically inclined, taking piano lessons certainly helps us develop a broad base of musical understanding which helps when we pick up other instruments to play.  Similarly, developing the skill and discipline of drawing helps in a wide variety of artistic endeavor. IContinue reading “Drawing with Patience”

When A Man Loves A Woman

Eight o’clock on a summer’s evening and the stage is set for a night of romance.  I loved painting this scene.  Set in an old Victorian home we used to own down by the Eel River, the elements in the painting have memories attached.  The doily was hand-made by a talented artist friend named Judy Nunes.  TheContinue reading “When A Man Loves A Woman”