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Art Classes & Workshops

Group Classes of 6-7 Participants for Beginning and Intermediate Artists – Ages 12 – 112.

Weekend Workshops for a Deeper Dive into a Project of Artistic Expression.

Private Art Workshop Bookings for Small Groups (6-7 Participants).


Nehemiah’s Art Classes taught by Artist Penny Saville Fregeau

Painting – Abandoned Building: Bode, California

The Mission of Nehemiah’s Art: 1.) To TEACH creative problem solving in an atmosphere of affirmation and respect. 2.) To DISCOVER and ENCOURAGE the unique God-given gifts of each person and BUILD confidence. 3.) To EMPOWER individuals by developing fine craftsmanship skills and artistic excellence.

By studying the arts, we learn how to visually express our thoughts and ideas, and we learn problem-solving skills and a heightened appreciation of the beauty in nature that is often right in front of our eyes! From that sense of wonder, we can discover the connection between the glorious beauty in the world and the One who gave it for our enjoyment. Creativity indeed is a good and gracious gift from our Great Creator God, and in observing and studying the world, He made there are great fulfillment and joy.

WEEKLY CLASSES: Learn to draw and paint acrylic paintings in a small class atmosphere with individualized instruction. Each class starts with a short teaching on a facet of the painting process then students are given the remainder of the session to dive into their artwork. The teacher walks from easel to easel, offering advice and encouragement.



Nehemiah’s Art Studio


WEEKEND WORKSHOPS: Sometimes life gets busy, and it’s easier to set aside a designated weekend rather than have a weekly class. Weekend workshops offer a concentrated time of teaching and painting on a Friday night / all-day Saturday format.

Weekend Workshops are also an excellent experience for groups of family members, for employee team-building time, and small groups who want to do a meaningful activity together. Email Nehemiah’s Art with your specific Weekend Workshop idea.


Commissioned Work

Preserving a Treasured Memory…


The most requested commissioned paintings are of one’s loved ones. A painting is created with time-tested materials that can last for centuries. A work of art is meant to last for generations. Whether the painting captures a special moment, is a formal portrait, or is in memory of one that is missed, a painting makes an indelible statement.

Other commissions include interior or exterior murals. Contact Nehemiah’s Art for your specific mural need.

This photograph represents four generations. Pictured are my mother (also a painter), my daughter and granddaughter (both creative and talented young women), and myself. In our family, we value hard work, relationships, and innovative approaches to the joys and challenges of life.

More About Nehemiah’s Art

Weekly Classes

Classes run once a week, after school or evenings, for one and a half hours per session. Classes commence and continue for six weeks. The tuition for the entire six weeks is $125, which includes art materials.

Weekend Workshops

Weekend Workshops start on a Friday evening from 6-9 PM (the Tea & Coffee Bar is open). Students decide on their individual weekend project and begin painting with guidance from the instructor. We paint to the sound of classical music. The Saturday morning session starts promptly at 9 AM with pastries, fruit & coffee. During the noon break, make-your-own sandwiches are available, and a time to interact with other art students. Art materials are included in the $125 tuition fee. The Workshop concludes at 3 PM.

Commissioned Paintings or Murals

Commissioned works offer the unique and individual ideas of the patron that can transform an environment with the color and warmth of artistic expression. Contact Nehemiah’s Art with your thoughts, and let’s discuss your ideas! Prices vary depending on the project.

Let’s Make a Difference in Our Community…Together!

Expressing oneself artistically through studying art can help one engage in our world and learn problem-solving techniques to face some of life’s challenges. Creativity is a good and gracious gift from God given to us and can be a powerful vehicle for positive purposes. Therefore, let’s work together to make a difference in the life of our community by offering programs to reach out and encourage the development of excellence in the arts.

Art is a reflection of Gods creativity, an evidence that we are made in the image of God.” — Francis Schaeffer 

What Patrons are Saying

Becky Schmitz

I am so excited to get this picture. You are such a great artist. I will display this proudly.”

Sarah Robinson

“That is amazing!! … I can’t tell you how it took my breath away!! Perfect! Just perfect!”


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