Beauty and Sacrifice

A detail of painting "Colour My World."
A detail of painting “Colour My World.”

“I cannot make this any easier;  it is not easy.  But then, beauty is not ever very easy to find, acquire, nor maintain.  That is what is beautiful about it.  Beauty demands and requires sacrifice.  Sacrifice in time and effort.”  George Roland Wills

We have grown accustomed to, and often expect, polished results from minimum effort.  But the real thrill of creating beauty comes through some pretty mundane things like setting time aside, being consistent, practicing and practicing and learning from some people who have been around a good long time.  Yep, at times it is just plain hard work…but it is worth it.  There are no shortcuts to excellence.

Why bother?  Excellence stirs, feeds and uplifts something inside us and draws us to experience what someone has created.  Whether it is in music, dancing, writing, painting or another art form, we are just naturally drawn to excellence.  It is worth the time and effort to be a part of it all…to add our small part to making something that might put a smile on someone’s face or remind them that there are beautiful things in the world.

Beautiful things, in some small way, tell us something about the person who created the work.  Likewise, the  visible world in all its mind-boggling splendor points to the Great Creator who is the most perfect example of both beauty and sacrifice.  Music, dancing, writing, painting and all other kinds of art were His ideas in the first place.  The Psalms speak eloquently of these first three artistic expressions listed.  And as for painting, well, I like to think that there is a new sunset painted every evening with very large hands.  When we strive for excellence, we just give a faint reflection of something higher, deeper and more wonderful than we can imagine.

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