Vibrancy in the Shade

“In some spheres the shadow condition is the condition of greatest growth.  The beautiful Indian corn never grows more rapidly than in the shadow of a warm summer night.  The sun curls the leaves in the sultry noon light, but they quickly unfold, if a cloud slips over the sky.  There is a service inContinue reading “Vibrancy in the Shade”

From Pig’s Bladders to Facebook

The French Impressionists, in finding freedom from the use of pig bladders, discovered a modern advance that enhanced time-honored practices in the making of paintings.  Contemporary artists, even those who paint in a very traditional manner, continue to find ways to use things like social networking and other technologies to bring to life new images as well as replicasContinue reading “From Pig’s Bladders to Facebook”

Color Theory Through Generations of Artists

When I first viewed the paintings of a local artist named Jim Faber in the 1990’s, I was impressed by the stunning beauty of his canvases.  I knew he knew something that I didn’t know about painting, and so I asked him to teach me.  What I soon found out was he had a greatContinue reading “Color Theory Through Generations of Artists”