5 “P”s – The First “P” is for Patience

Sometimes progressing in our artistic skills and abilities boils down to exercising patience.  In an instant technology-rich culture, growing in the character quality of patience doesn’t seem productive.  We hear the phrase a lot in leadership circles to not work harder, but to work smarter.  While that has value under some circumstances, the stretching of our intellectContinue reading “5 “P”s – The First “P” is for Patience”

Why Art?

Why art?  Many would say there are much more practical ways to spend one’s time and energy.  There are incredibly talented artists all over the world.  Does the world really need one more painting or other creative form of expression? Art is many things, but for me in this season of my life, art hasContinue reading “Why Art?”

How to Enjoy Art Like a Child

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow  up. – Pablo Picasso We are so creative as children, and then we grow up.  We become fearful of not measuring up.  We get discouraged by the sometimes thoughtless comments of others.  We lose our sense of wonder andContinue reading “How to Enjoy Art Like a Child”

Happy Creating!

  There is a sense of exhilaration as a painting, in this case a wedding portrait, nears it’s completion.  The many hours spent before the easel has something tangible to show for the effort.  There are jars full of various brushes and daily pallets which if seen all together would have hundreds, if not thousands, hand mixed dabs of paint.  The mixed paint onContinue reading “Happy Creating!”

From Pig’s Bladders to Facebook

The French Impressionists, in finding freedom from the use of pig bladders, discovered a modern advance that enhanced time-honored practices in the making of paintings.  Contemporary artists, even those who paint in a very traditional manner, continue to find ways to use things like social networking and other technologies to bring to life new images as well as replicasContinue reading “From Pig’s Bladders to Facebook”

Art and Facebook

A new facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PennyFregeauArt .  This is an updated page that has a gallery (photo) section, events and classes, links to blogs, social media and art-for-purchase sites.  It also lists a blog for the nurture and care of creative souls.  I believe everyone has creativity, for we are all made in God’s image.  Thank youContinue reading “Art and Facebook”

Commissioning A Painting or Mural

Art often ties us to a memory. The most requested commissioned paintings are of one’s loved ones. A painting is created with time-tested materials that can last for centuries. A work of art is meant to last for generations. Whether the painting captures a special moment, is a formal portrait, or is in memory ofContinue reading “Commissioning A Painting or Mural”

I Am Still Learning!

  On the last evening of my last Drawing Class we talked about having the attitude of a life-long learner.  Yes, with each day I am still learning in so many areas!  Having the attitude of a learner takes a lot of the pressure off those of us who can be too hard on ourselves andContinue reading “I Am Still Learning!”

An Education in the Arts Impacts the Culture

With the economic pressures we have experienced nationally the past few years and the constant rhetoric regarding budget cuts we often hear about art programs being cut in our educational systems.  Art and music are not seen as important as the math and sciences, for example.  I believe this mindset is short-sighted for some substantial reasons. Continue reading “An Education in the Arts Impacts the Culture”

Have You Ever Been Moved to Tears by Something Beautiful?

Art is one of those communication links that transcends language, culture, gender, economic status or age, among other things.  We can be moved deeply by the sensitive portrayal of the arts in a variety of expressions.  Deep and significant concepts can be conveyed by the arts that either reinforce what someone is trying to sayContinue reading “Have You Ever Been Moved to Tears by Something Beautiful?”