Why Art?

Why art?  Many would say there are much more practical ways to spend one’s time and energy.  There are incredibly talented artists all over the world.  Does the world really need one more painting or other creative form of expression? Art is many things, but for me in this season of my life, art hasContinue reading “Why Art?”

How to Enjoy Art Like a Child

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow  up. – Pablo Picasso We are so creative as children, and then we grow up.  We become fearful of not measuring up.  We get discouraged by the sometimes thoughtless comments of others.  We lose our sense of wonder andContinue reading “How to Enjoy Art Like a Child”

Paintings of Children

I recently ran across a wonderful blog called I Am A Child – http://iamachild.wordpress.com/.   After viewing several of the paintings from the pages of art history of painting after painting depicting children, I recalled how much I love these images.  We are blessed to have a five year-old with us in this season of life.  Again,Continue reading “Paintings of Children”

Painting Difficult Subjects

Some subjects freak people out.  When faced with trying to draw or paint someone’s likeness or a panoramic view or a complicated (or seemingly complicated) object the “I can’t do this” thoughts can fog our brains.  This is when we need to take a step back and literally forget what it is we are tryingContinue reading “Painting Difficult Subjects”

Resurrection Lilies

I started this painting as a sketch last Easter in preparation for painting during the worship service our church had at the local high school.  I do a lot of preliminary work the week preceding Easter so that when I come to the big canvas on Easter morning a lot has already been worked out inContinue reading “Resurrection Lilies”