Commissioning A Painting or Mural

Art often ties us to a memory. The most requested commissioned paintings are of one’s loved ones. A painting is created with time-tested materials that can last for centuries. A work of art is meant to last for generations. Whether the painting captures a special moment, is a formal portrait, or is in memory ofContinue reading “Commissioning A Painting or Mural”

Happy Resurrection Day to Come

Easter is close at hand!  Our culture tends to highlight Christmas as the biggest day of the year both spiritually and as a time of family gathering.  But if we consider the significance of Easter, really, the whole world was changed by not only the birth, but also the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Continue reading “Happy Resurrection Day to Come”

Comp-osition and Where It Leads Us

A painting’s composition determines where one’s eye travels over the painting to create interest and bring the eye back to the element(s) the artist wants to emphasize.  In addition to the value of visual beauty the painting points to objects and communicates “look at this!”  In the piece above the lines jetting outward would leadContinue reading “Comp-osition and Where It Leads Us”

Resurrection Lilies

I started this painting as a sketch last Easter in preparation for painting during the worship service our church had at the local high school.  I do a lot of preliminary work the week preceding Easter so that when I come to the big canvas on Easter morning a lot has already been worked out inContinue reading “Resurrection Lilies”

Mixed Flowers on Blue

 Finished at last!  I started this painting as a demonstration with a painting class that combined art instruction and a Bible study about creativity.  I finished it today in my studio. You may think that art and Bible study is an interesting combination, but I cannot paint without constantly being reminded of our Great CreatorContinue reading “Mixed Flowers on Blue”