Pet Portraits. This is Mandy.

This is a portrait of a great dog we had named Mandy.  Mandy came to us as a gift from some dear friends – the Delamarian’s.  She was the cutest wooly ball of golden fluff with bright eyes and an affectionate nature.  Mandy loved water.  She would plop down in any puddle.  When drinking waterContinue reading “Pet Portraits. This is Mandy.”

A Masculine Still Life

There’s much more in a Still Life than a few objects painted on a canvas.  Still Life paintings give opportunity for both visual enjoyment and symbolism to communicate a message to the viewer. In this Still Life composition we see the eye is continually drawn back to the pipe resting on the deep blue velvetContinue reading “A Masculine Still Life”

Commissioning A Painting or Mural

Art often ties us to a memory. The most requested commissioned paintings are of one’s loved ones. A painting is created with time-tested materials that can last for centuries. A work of art is meant to last for generations. Whether the painting captures a special moment, is a formal portrait, or is in memory ofContinue reading “Commissioning A Painting or Mural”

The Arts and the Bible

Art in the Bible?  Yes!  I love the Old Testament account of the plans of the Tabernacle.  Why?  Because tucked in this fascinating section of Exodus is God’s detailed instructions for creating objects of beauty to be used in worship to Him.  Moreover in Exodus 31 God is very specific about the people to whomContinue reading “The Arts and the Bible”