Painting a Wedding Portrait

Adam and Barbara chose a special place for their wedding. Adam, as he grew up, was very close to his grandfather.  Adam’s late grandfather was a dedicated Trustee for many years in his home church.  He made the baby cribs, crafted the wooden cross in the sanctuary and gave over fifty years of service.  He helped to keep the church buildingContinue reading “Painting a Wedding Portrait”

A Masculine Still Life

There’s much more in a Still Life than a few objects painted on a canvas.  Still Life paintings give opportunity for both visual enjoyment and symbolism to communicate a message to the viewer. In this Still Life composition we see the eye is continually drawn back to the pipe resting on the deep blue velvetContinue reading “A Masculine Still Life”

When A Man Loves A Woman

Eight o’clock on a summer’s evening and the stage is set for a night of romance.  I loved painting this scene.  Set in an old Victorian home we used to own down by the Eel River, the elements in the painting have memories attached.  The doily was hand-made by a talented artist friend named Judy Nunes.  TheContinue reading “When A Man Loves A Woman”