A Passion for Portraits

There are many things which make for a portrait.  As the detail above demonstrates, a portrait need not be the traditional head and shoulders composition but rather can be some element that captures an individual’s unique personality or characteristic “look”.  The painting may be a part of the face, a pair of hands, or perhaps simplyContinue reading “A Passion for Portraits”

Painting a Wedding Portrait

Adam and Barbara chose a special place for their wedding. Adam, as he grew up, was very close to his grandfather.  Adam’s late grandfather was a dedicated Trustee for many years in his home church.  He made the baby cribs, crafted the wooden cross in the sanctuary and gave over fifty years of service.  He helped to keep the church buildingContinue reading “Painting a Wedding Portrait”

Happy Creating!

  There is a sense of exhilaration as a painting, in this case a wedding portrait, nears it’s completion.  The many hours spent before the easel has something tangible to show for the effort.  There are jars full of various brushes and daily pallets which if seen all together would have hundreds, if not thousands, hand mixed dabs of paint.  The mixed paint onContinue reading “Happy Creating!”

Pet Portraits. This is Mandy.

This is a portrait of a great dog we had named Mandy.  Mandy came to us as a gift from some dear friends – the Delamarian’s.  She was the cutest wooly ball of golden fluff with bright eyes and an affectionate nature.  Mandy loved water.  She would plop down in any puddle.  When drinking waterContinue reading “Pet Portraits. This is Mandy.”