Observing Details

In still life painting there are oh so many details.
In still life painting there are oh so many details.

My current drawing class is made up of individuals with varying degrees of artistic experience and skills.  They are all doing a great job and I am encouraged by their progress.  Each student is learning to observe the world in a more detailed way which is the gateway to artistic endeavor.  In observation we gain a greater appreciation for the world around us and specifically for the majestic beauty of nature.  From the construction of a simple flower to the outline of a mammoth-sized cliff to the wonders of the human eye, we see the finger prints of the Great Creator everywhere.  By observing the world around us we notice the amazing design in the very smallest details that we would have once never taken into consideration.  Observation increases our appreciation.A great blessing of childhood is that sense of wonder about everything new.  Our five-year-old granddaughter seems to be intrigued by any new object.  Since she has a wonderful imagination, new objects serve as fodder for the next amazing story that is going on in her head.  By using her observation skills, plain little boxes become beds for her stuffed kitty cats.  A cup becomes a dolphin tank.  A clump of grape stems becomes a tree from which to hang pretzels.  She has discovered in her young world that if she observes the shape of the object it can become many good things which brings delight to her in her imaginary world.

Slowing down to observe objects and draw them increases our ability to see beyond the ordinary, to find inspiration in the seemingly simple things around us, and to amplify our appreciation of the natural world.

A painting has more meaning when we have met the artist and a book becomes more valuable to us after having met the author.  Likewise, the beauty in nature is greatly enhanced when we acknowledge and appreciate that the One who created the world has not only designed every intricate detail, but lovingly beckons us through that which He has made.

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